The Signal Story

located in san diego, california

Signal began as a mission to bring music and sound creators back together in a shared experience to create outcomes much greater than the sum of the parts. Our ultimate goal - to build a new paradigm for artists to exist within that removes their burdens and allows them the ability to focus solely on their craft.

Advancements in technology and exponential growth in major urban centres have constantly created new business and creative challenges hindering artists ability to grow and thrive.

Signal set out to look at the problems facing creators, artists, and companies - and finding access to creative spaces was at the forefront of all conversations. It was clearly the biggest challenge that could have the greatest impact if solved.

We knew we needed to bring creators back together into clustered communities to take advantage of the network effects of collaboration and energy, which have been lost as urban economics have forced creators into disconnected fringe spaces.

We started by building a best in class model for dedicated and thoughtfully designed spaces optimized with technology. To build this we focused on how creative people work while fully taking into account their mindset and the needs of their wider community.

Next was a simple way of connecting the community and other independent spaces together digitally. This would allow members the ability to plug into space, services, benefits and each other in real time. It would also give independent space operators better visibility and connectivity inside the professional community. As we grow we are integrating education, performance, social, and wellness spaces to continue to fulfill our vision.

Our most important undertaking will be to provide this new model and set of systems and tools to the wider community, to empower them to create more interconnected spaces and communities unified under one platform. We are nowhere near the finish line but we are well on our way.

Our vision is a strong future proof foundation for creators to live within that fosters the unencumbered proliferation of music and art which are crucial ingredients in the well-being of people, communities, cities and countries around the world.

Join us!

Dave Sorbara
Chris Corless
Fil Bucchino