AudioCardio - Simple technology that can reverse hearing loss.

AudioCardio - Simple technology that can reverse hearing loss.

March 10th 5:45-7pm

Host: Chris Ellis, CEO of AudioCardio

Date: Tuesday, March 10 @ 5:45PM - FREE


If you are using your ears for your livelihood you’ll wanna keep reading!

This is something truly revolutionary and game changing for our industry that everyone needs to know about! It’s a company called AudioCardio™ and they have a clinically proven therapy that can reverse hearing loss and prevent hearing degradation over time.

Regain lost hearing and reduce tinnitus by listening to music!?!

Through the AudioCardio™ mobile app, regaining lost hearing is as simple as listening to your favourite Spotify playlist for as little as one hour a day for two weeks. The app uses a patented therapy called threshold sound conditioning. While you listen, proprietary and inaudible (or barely audible) sounds are embedded in the background and retrain your brain and ears to lift the frequencies of sound that you have lost over time or with trauma.

Dave Sorbara, founder of Signal used the therapy for just under two weeks and saw nearly a 10% increase in my hearing. It’s a miraculous new therapy given that we have all been conditioned to assume our hearing degradation is permanent!

Chris Ellis, the CEO of Audio Cardio will be at Signal to present a short intro highlighting the company and their technology. He'll discuss how the app generates a personalized audio therapy and how it helps stimulate and strengthen hearing. His presentation will be followed by a Q and A session to answer questions about the therapy, how to use it and how you can benefit.

Attendees will get free access to the AudioCardio™ mobile app for a limited time to try out for themselves.

Please grab a spot for this upcoming talk on March 10th and then help spread the word!



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